Web Design Projects. Static HTML/Dynamic PHP Websites

The pages created just with HTML language are static. In order for you to interact with your visitors, you can use dynamic web pages.

For interaction with the (MS SQL Server) databases, there are used programming languages like PHP.

For example, a part of the pages' structure, like the menu, the page layout, can be static code. The HTML code can also contain a PHP code that extracts from the database news or other information.

The main advantage of a PHP dynamic web site over a static hypertext markup language page is that the easiness of administration (update).

Adding or modifying the content of the web site is incredibly straight forward as a result of the content is kept in a very knowledge base, in text files, in order that you do not have internet programming bit of knowledge to create the updates.

These elements of the website (news modules, static text pages) may be simply updated by you from an administration module.