CMS - The Site Administration

A CMS, the content management of the site is necessary to keep the site up to date. Through this CMS, you can add, delete and modify data in your site (texts, images, banners, etc). Our company provides programming services and custom web application development, designed according to the needs of each client

CMS - Content Management System is a web application. Specifically, the content of your site can be easily managed via a simple web interface, without the necessary knowledge (web design, web programming). Admin CMS module allows administrators to add/modify or delete the content and structure of a web site.

Online Store

An online shop will help you increase your sales. No sellers and stocks, opened 24/24 hours, accessible from anywhere and any person with access to the internet;

The online store management, accessible only by the owner of the shop online-offers possibilities to edit (change, delete or add new products, categories, images, product description, price, etc.), the control orders.

An online store, no matter how good, completely would be, may not attract visitors and so cannot bring sales if not well promoted